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mattressIs it time for a New Mattress?..

Date: May 15, 2018 | Time: 9:00am | Posted By: Family First Chiropractic and Wellness

The value of a good night sleep goes far beyond the price of a new mattress. Here are some things to consider when purchasing a mattress. Your back will thank you!How well did you sleep last night or throughout the week?Quality of sleep has definite impact on quality of life, interactions socially or with family, and most importantly your general mood. Sleep deprivation is not only lack of sleep. It is also the quality of sleep throughout the night. Waking.... <view entire article>

medical massage for pain managementMassage Therapy & Pain Management ..

Date: May 8, 2018 | Time: 2:32pm | Posted By: Family First Chiropractic and Wellness

The purpose of massage therapy is to target the source of the body's pain via eliminating tense muscles, increasing flexibility, and providing relaxation to the affected muscles as well as the body as a whole. Massage also promotes circulation to the affected or injured muscles, which increases nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissues. In turn, this increased activity to the affected sites reduces stiffness and edema (swelling) in the muscles and joints, as well as increases flexibility to help.... <view entire article>

yogaYoga and Wellness..

Date: May 1, 2018 | Time: 9:00am | Posted By: Family First Chiropractic and Wellness

What is Yoga? Yoga is a way of life, an integrated system of education for the body, mind and inner spirit. This art of right living was perfected and practiced in India thousands of years ago but, since yoga deals with universal truths, its teachings are as valid today as they were in ancient times.Yoga can be practiced by anyone regardless of age,gender, or physical ability. It will enhance your studies and reduce stress, and help you to.... <view entire article>

dog 2BcranioCraniosacral Therapy for the whole Family!..

Date: April 24, 2018 | Time: 9:00am | Posted By: Family First Chiropractic and Wellness

We usually think of CranioSacral Therapy for ourselves or our children but it can be helpful for many others as well. I have worked on dogs and cats and know others who work on horses as well. Any animal with vertebrae can be helped with CranioSacral Therapy. One of my clients offered to write a testimonial about how she thinks CranioSacral helped her dog. I would like to share it with you. Several years ago, to relief stress and aches.... <view entire article>

car 2BseatDoes your baby scream in the carseat? ..

Date: April 17, 2018 | Time: 9:00am | Posted By: Family First Chiropractic and Wellness

Mothers often will bring babies in to see a pediatric chiropractor because they 'hate' their car seats and mom is at her wit's end and has exhausted all other avenues.Is this your child?. Fights to be put into the car seat . Screams constantly in the car. Screams when the vehicle stops at a light.... <view entire article>

headachew33 300x276Massage Therapy and Headaches..

Date: April 10, 2018 | Time: 9:00am | Posted By: Family First Chiropractic and Wellness

A remedy that many find effective, but not so many seek out, is massage. Massage Therapy can help relieve muscle spasms, improve blood flow and circulation, and promoting relaxation. It has been shown to be helpful in bringing relief for tension headaches and preventing migraines.Massage has two roles when it comes to treating migraines and tension related headaches:In a proactive role, massage treatments are performed on a regular basis to help the body .... <view entire article>

defaultMeet our practitioners at Family First Chiropractic and Wellness..

Date: April 10, 2018 | Time: 7:47am | Posted By: Family First Chiropractic and Wellness

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cupping e1474487984248Cupping Therapy..

Date: April 3, 2018 | Time: 9:00am | Posted By: Family First Chiropractic and Wellness

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine. It has been used all the way back to when the natives used the horns from the animals they hunted and use it on their own injuries with the use of the flame and pull out the toxins and eliminate pain. Now a days what a therapist would use are silicon cups and still give.... <view entire article>

sleepChiropractic and Sleep Issues..

Date: March 27, 2018 | Time: 7:42am | Posted By: Family First Chiropractic and Wellness

Sleep problems can be defined in 3 different ways: insomnia, disturbed sleep, and restless sleep. Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep. Disturbed sleep is the inability to stay asleep for a full night's rest. Restless sleep is when you can fall asleep and stay asleep, but the quality of sleep isn't good. The end result of any of these types of sleep problems is that you wake up tired, or even.... <view entire article>