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Dr. Elton Clemence


Dr. Elton Clemence

Dr. Elton Clemence grew up in Red Deer and attended Lindsay Thurber High School. He completed his undergraduate degree at Red Deer College before transferring to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa graduating in 2002. He then returned to Canada where he practiced in Southern Alberta for 3 years. Dr. Elton moved to Vancouver Island where his daughter, Mia was born. He practiced in British Columbia for 6 years and decided to move back to Red Deer to be closer to his family.

In addition to traditional Chiropractic Care, he utilizes a wide range of adjustment techniques from low force activator to soft tissue techniques such as Graston and active release. He utilizes ultra sound and muscle stimulation to speed up healing. In addition, he is also experienced with workers' compensation injuries, MVA, and sports injuries. His focus is not only on the misalignment of the spine but also shoulders, elbows, knees and ankle misalignment. Having experience adjusting the extremities is important to his practice.

Chiropractic care for the whole family is important to us at the clinic.

His whole family benefits from regular Chiropractic care. It keeps their nervous systems interference-free, our immune systems strong and they don't seem to get all the illnesses that go around. His young daughter has never had antibiotics or medicines due in large part to regular Chiropractic care and a sensible diet.

Chiropractic adjustments are an essential part of our health and he looks forward to helping you and your family reach your optimal health and wellness.

Dr. Elton